KDealer – Official Kia Motors America Dealer Portal

The Kia Motors America (KMA) KDealer Login Portal is a safe business-to-business access to Kia Motors America’s (KMA) proprietary systems and programs. These systems and programs contain information that is confidential as well as commercially sensitive regarding KMA and its dealers.


In addition to determining the functions that concession employees may perform, the concessionaire is accountable for determining which concession employees have access to the system on behalf of their concession. There are conditions in which the licensed operator may assign license administrator responsibilities to another individual within the licensee. You can only access your online workspace using a smartphone, computer, or laptop with the K Dealer login.

What is KDealer?

KIA Motors has set up a website called “KDealer” for business-to-business transactions. This website has more information on the different programs and systems. The information on this website is mostly KMA material that should be kept secret. It not only has that, but it also has a safe way to get to dealer information.

what is KDealer

KDealer is a private, encrypted connection between KMA and its dealerships, where the latter may access proprietary systems and programs as well as information that is both proprietary and economically sensitive. The Dealer Operator regulates which dealership personnel are authorized to access the system on behalf of the dealership, as well as what functions they are able to perform. The portal is designed to help Kia dealerships improve their business operations and provide better customer service to their customers.

KDealer is an essential tool for Kia dealerships to access the company’s many programs and systems. It is a secure gateway that provides access to confidential and commercially sensitive information about KIA Motors Corporation dealers . The portal is designed to help Kia dealerships improve their business operations and provide better customer service to their customers. By using KDealer, dealership personnel can access the information they need to make informed decisions about their business operations

To register as a member of KMA, you must follow these guidelines: Procedure for KIA Performance: To register with KIA Performance, open mykiaperformancecenter.com to access the main page through a web browser.

Use a computer browser to open the home page. Now, you’ll be redirected to another URL that will take you to this portal. On the right, you’ll see a “Login” form. Feel free to enter your login and password, then click the “Login” button. Follow the given instructions for various services from KDealer. If you have a problem, also get help from the FAQs available on the same page.

You can easily log in to your account once you know how to do it. It can be difficult for people who have never registered before to do so. This page has all the information you need to login to the KDealer Portal. After you’ve finished the steps, it will be easy to access your account.

What Is The Registration Process?

You will need to make an account to use the Kdealer login site. So, here is all the information you need to create a new account and get into this portal. You may create a new account by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the official K Dealer portal at www.kdealer.com.
  2. Now, click on the Register option.
  3. Enter all the information and click the Next button.
  4. You will have two options during the registration process.
  5. One is the reseller user and the affiliate user.
  6. For reseller users, enter the details to the reseller membership details.
  7. For affiliated users, type the details of the affiliated trade association.

6 Steps to Access Your KDealer Login Account


  1. Visit the KDealer Official Website:
    • Open the www.kdealer.com page to log into your K Dealer account.
  2. Locate the K Dealer Login Section:
    • Look for a “Login” or “Sign In” section on the website. You can locate the login form on the right side of the screen.
  3. Enter Your Login Credentials:
    • Username: Enter your username associated with your KDealer account.
    • Password: After that, enter your password in the field below.
  4. Confirm Entered Details:
    • Kindly reconfirm that all the information that was entered is correct.
  5. Click on the Login Button:
    • Once you’ve entered your credentials, click on the “Login” or “Sign In” button.
  6. Access Your Account:
    • After successful login and any necessary authentication, you can access to your KDealer Login account.

Forgot Password? Follow the Given Process

It’s possible to forget your Kia One Identity login information and not be able to access your account. You need to know how to reset your password. To change or reset your passwords, follow these steps.

Forgot User ID?


  • If you forgot your username, visit the KDealer login page.
  • Here you can see the login form on the right side of the website.
  • Please click on the Forgot your User ID? option.
  • Now, the next process will take you to Forgot your User ID? page.
  • Enter the registered email address and click the “Next” button below to reset your identification.

Forgot Password?


  • To reset your forgotten password, access the login page at www.kdealer.com
  • Once the site is open, the login box will appear.
  • Please find the option “Forgot your password?”.
  • Click on it and you will be redirected to the password reset page.
  • Enter the user ID and then click the “Next” button to proceed.
  • In the next step, you can reset your password and access your account.

About KIA

KIA Corporation is known as Kia but people called it KIΛ. It is a multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in South Korea. The location of the HQ is in Seoul, South Korea. Formally, it is referred to as Kyungsung Precision Industry and Kia Motors Corporation in Korea. It is the second-largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea.

Kyungsung Precision Industry, which made steel tubes and bicycle parts, was the first company that Kia bought in December 1944. The Samchully, Korea’s first national bike, was made by this company in 1951.


Hyundai held a small part of Kia Corporation as of December 2015. Hyundai owns 33.88% of more than $6 trillion. Kia has a small stake in more than twenty Hyundai companies. There are more than 8.3 billion worth of these shares, which run from 4.9% to 45.3%.

The company opened its first plant that made cars from start to finish in 1973. It was called the Sohari factory. Kia made the small Brisa cars until 1981, when Chun Doohwan, the new military ruler, ordered that the company’s different groups be merged. Kia had to stop making cars and start making trucks instead.

The utility company decides which employees can access the system on its account and which employees are allowed to do what tasks within the system. If certain conditions are met, the qualified operator may decide to delegate their role as license administrator to someone else within the.

Kia America, Inc. was founded in California on October 21, 1992. It quickly became the sales, marketing, and customer service arm of Kia Corporation in the United States. There are more than 755 dealerships across the United States where people can buy cars from KMA. The company’s main office is in Irvine, California. In 1993, the KIA Sephia and the Kia Sportage were the first two types that could be bought in the United States.

Who Can Access kdealer.com Site?

Only approved Kia Motor America (KMA) team members, affiliates, and dealer personnel are allowed to use this KDealer portal. This is a list of the people who can use this site.

  • Customer Owner/Reseller
  • R&I Manager
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Managing Director
  • Office Worker
  • Warranty Administrator
  • Commercial Director
  • Supervisor
  • Parts Manager
  • Sales Consultant
  • Service Advisor
  • Spare Parts Specialist
  • KMFusa: Kia Motors Finance USA employees for managing financing and lease agreements.

These are the people who are authorized and can easily access the KDealer login portal with their username and password.

Troubleshooting for Kia One Identity Login Issues

While it is uncommon for users to need to use our troubleshooting guide, it is sometimes essential. We’ll go through the troubleshooting guide now.

  • To use the KDealer Kia Portal, click on the URL below to go to the official login page. When you click the URL, a new tab will open, making it easy to go back to the directions and fix anything that went wrong.
  • Just type in your details to log in. This must have been given to you by your KDealer Kia Portal agent or when you registered.
  • This is when the message “Connected successfully” should show up. You’ve made it into the KDealer site, so please accept our congrats.
  • If you need help with the Kdealer site, please look at this page for help.

Follow Some User Guidelines

Once you enter your username and password into KDealer, you can get to your control panel. This is what you can see on the panel:

  • My Draft Cases – These are cases that you’ve created but haven’t submitted to Kia yet because they are still drafts.
  • My Open Files – The number of things you submitted that are being processed or are waiting for your action.
  • Reseller Open Cases – The number of cases that all users have submitted to your company. You can see a full list of the involved cases if you click on the number.

How To Handle The Case Details?

Creating a Case

  • Click on the “New Case” option to create a new case. Enter the full 17-digit VIN and press “Confirm” if this is a case about a vehicle. Please click “No” if the case is not about a car.
  • After making sure the VIN is correct, choose the group. When asked about prior warranty authorization, choose the “Components” choice.
  • If you type a word or phrase into the text box and click “More information,” you can see if KGIS has a fix for the issue in “Repair help” or “Quality control.”
  • There’s also a way to see if another file has been saved for the same vehicle. Click “Create a case” next to move to the next page.

Case Search

  • To search for a case, click on the magnifying glass icon in the header next to the “New Case” option.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to show the search fields.
  • You may search for cases on Consumer Affairs (CA) or Techline if you want to. To find Techline cases, choose Techline as the case type.
  • To fill out the “Open from *” (required field), click the calendar icon and pick a date that is close to the first time the file above was opened.
  • You have to enter the VIN to find a case that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Choose Consumer Affairs as the case type to search for Consumer Affairs (CA) cases.

KDealer App for Users

KDealer mobile application is designed by Kia America, Inc. (KUS) to provide Kia vehicle owners with a convenient way to access and manage their vehicles remotely. The app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

KDealer app is a powerful tool that provides Kia vehicle owners with a convenient and user-friendly way to manage their vehicles remotely. Whether users need to start their vehicle on a cold winter morning or schedule a service appointment, the KDealer app is a reliable and effective solution that can help make their lives easier and more convenient.

Once downloaded, the KDealer app allows users to perform a variety of functions, including starting their Kia remotely, locking and unlocking doors, checking vehicle status, and more. The app also provides users with access to their vehicle’s owner’s manual, as well as the ability to schedule service appointments and contact their dealer directly through the app.

One of the main benefits of the KDealer app is its ease of use. The app’s intuitive interface makes it simple for users to navigate and access the various functions and features available. In addition, the app is designed to work seamlessly with Kia’s existing technology, ensuring that users can manage their vehicles with ease and confidence.

K Dealer Plus Customer Support

If users encounter any issues while using KDealer, they can contact the KDealer Support Team at 800-327-2707 for assistance. The team is available to help with login issues, technical questions, and other problems that may arise. Additionally, users can email the team at [email protected] for further assistance.

KDealer also offers a comprehensive FAQ section on its website that covers a range of topics, including account management, vehicle information, and warranty information.

Training Materials

KDealer provides a variety of training materials to help users get the most out of the platform. These materials include user guides, videos, and other resources that cover topics such as case management, warranty claims, and technical support.

Users can access the training materials by logging in to KDealer and visiting the “Training” section of the platform. From there, they can browse the available resources and select the ones that are most relevant to their needs.

In addition to these resources, KDealer also offers regular training webinars that cover a range of topics related to the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access this Kia KDealer+ page?

Website access is limited to approved Kia Motors America (KMA) employees, dealers, and affiliates. Employees of a dealership include the dealer general manager, F&I manager, service technician, general manager, office worker, warranty manager, sales manager, service manager, service manager, parts, etc.

Who can I contact if I need help?

If you need help with connectivity issues, please contact the KDealer support team at 800-327-2707. If you need help with your technical questions, call 1-800-327-2707. Technical support can also be requested at [email protected].

How do I sign up for KDealer?

Click the “New User Registration” button at www.KDealer.com to create your Kia One Identity account. Once your registration has been accepted by the dealership manager, you will get an email. It should not take too long for your registration to be accepted.

If approval isn’t given within an acceptable amount of time, the Kdealer manager should be contacted. If you are still having issues, please call 800-327-2707 to get more help from the KDealer support team. Registered KMA team members should get in touch with help to sign up.


Kia Motors America-approved dealers can use KDealer, an online platform. It provides dealers with many tools and resources to help them run their businesses better. These include tools for managing inventory, buying parts, reporting on sales, getting help with marketing, and training materials.

With KDealer, dealers can get real-time access to important data and information that help them run their businesses better. Kia dealers can use KDealer to better manage their inventory, make it easier to buy parts and accessories, keep track of how well their sales are doing, and get to marketing and training materials. Along with its many features, KDealer is a complete program that helps Kia sellers run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.