KDealer.com Portal Access

There are secret and confidential data about KMA and its dealerships in these systems. As a user, you can access the official portal at www.kdealer.com. You can connect your business to Kia Motors America (KMA) programs and tools through KDealer. When you log in to the website, you can see details about cases, pending projects, dealership information, and more.


KDealer.com Portal Access

With your login information, you can do many things on the KDealer site. Here is a list of some of these:

Entering Case Details 

  • On the page with the case information, click “Save as Draft” to save the case at any time. Once the case is saved, you can finish it and send it in from the “My Draft Cases” page.
  • You should only click “Submit Case” when you are ready to send the case to the Kia Techline Aid Center.
  • There is a red star next to the fields that must be filled out. If these forms are not filled out, the case cannot be submitted.
  • The email address you registered with KDealer will already be in the “Email” field. If the email address is wrong or you’d like to be reached at a different address, you can change it right on the case details page.

Viewing Advice

  • When a Kia Techline worker is done looking over your case, they will make a note in the file. The case that has the advice you need should be easy to find if you go to “My Open Cases” and then “Search for a Case.”
  • You can leave comments in the open text box in the Advice area if you need more information or want to keep talking to the Techline agent. This time, click “Update Case.”
  • Click the “Close Case” button to show that the problem has been solved with the help of the advice given.
  • It’s possible for Techline agents who are working on a “Repair Assistance” case to be provided to make a PWA case instead. With this button, you can quickly start a new PWA case.

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