KIA Motors’ “KDealer” web portal allows businesses to learn more about the company’s many programs and systems. Because the KDealer site is a business-to-business service, it includes sensitive and private information about Kia Motors America (KMA) and its dealerships.

The Dealer Operator regulates which dealership personnel are permitted to use the system and what they are authorized to do in the dealership’s name. The Dealer Operator can assign the position of Dealer Administrator to another employee of the company.​​​​


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access and use this KDealer site?

Employees, dealers, and partners of Kia Motors America (KMA) are the only ones who are authorized to view this part of the website. Someone who works at a dealership could be the owner or principal, the financial and insurance manager, the general manager, the office staff, the warranty administrator, the sales manager, the service manager, the parts manager, etc.

Is there a mobile app that allows me to start my Kia?

Yes, KDealer provides a handy mobile app that allows you to access and manage your Kia remotely. This app offers a variety of features, like starting your Kia, locking and unlocking doors, checking vehicle status, and more. To get started, simply download the KDealer mobile app from your device’s app store, complete the registration process, and enjoy the ease of operating your Kia via smartphone.

Whom should I contact for assistance?

Please call 800-327-2707 to talk with a member of the KDealer Support Team about any login issues. Please contact your Dealer Administrator if you require assistance with the installation. If you have any questions, contact technical support at 1-800-327-2707. [email protected] is another way to reach technical support.

How do I sign up for KDealer’s services?

Simply click the “New User Registration” button on www.KDealer.com to make an account. If your account is accepted, you will be informed. When your Dealership Administrator approves your entry, you’ll get an email. Give your registration a reasonable amount of time to be accepted. The Dealer Administrator should be contacted if the approval isn’t received within an acceptable amount of time. Contact the KDealer Support Team at 800-327-2707 if you keep having issues. KMA team members who are already registered should call the Help Desk to verify their identity.

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